Saturday, 10 January 2009

Someone who changes isn't always someone who's saved

Some people become transformed by the work of the church without the work of the Holy Spirit. The church can be friendly, welcoming, and kind and these may produce verbal Christianity; a Christianity seen in words and actions but not desires.

Some of us are so keen to see people save that we pronounce a person 'in the kingdom' before seeing the fruits of repentance (Matthew 3:8). Repentance is not a change of lifestyle primarily. It leads to a changed lifestyle. Repentance is all about spiritual emotions- what you love and what you hate. Spiritual emotions cling to Jesus.

A person who loves God will hate sin. God's lover finds sin repulsive not tolerable, evil not excusable, horrid not delightful. A lover of God realises that sin is offending God. It's treason against a good King. It's calling the Lord a liar. Sin is lawlessness. Sin is breaking the commandments that reflect the perfect character of God. Sin is punished with eternity. Either in an eternal person (Jesus Christ) or with eternal flames. God's lover knows He should be in Hell forever. Hell is a fair place for the sinner to be.

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