Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Thanks for Praying!

Camp last week was great! Prayers were answered, some kids became Christians (hooray!) and while others grew in their faith. God was good especially to me by enhancing my prayer life. He gave me specific burdens for individuals so that I would respond by praying long and hard for their souls.

Other highlights include:
  • Leading evening Bible studies for a group of question-asking teenagers
  • Late night banter with Mark and Cat
  • Meeting new kids and getting to know others I didn't know too well
  • Observing the example of godly leaders
  • Enjoying the preaching series in Song of Solomon
  • Mocking Becky for her welshness ;-)
  • Meeting Eddie and having a long chat about Spiritual gifts over coffee and muffins
  • Praying with campers
  • Swimming with the little Nowak kids
  • Hearing powerful testimonies from people who have been radically transformed by Jesus
  • Singing (badly) a host of Disney songs with Kirsty and Beth over dinner
  • Playing Mafia with teenagers high on sugar
  • Confiscating cigarette's (Sorry Bryony!)
  • Eating Irish Nando's
  • Morning prayer meetings with leaders
  • Walks to the beach with Cat
  • Hearing and answering genuine questions
  • Buying Thomas Manton's Sermons on Hebrews 11 for £7
  • Viewing the countryside of Northern Ireland
  • Listening to Driscoll on Jeremiah 29 with teenagers and then discussing godly ways to date and pursue relationships
  • Knowing that God works all things for my good and his glory!

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