Saturday, 13 September 2008

Advice for New Christians

The following is something I wrote in a letter to a friend. Thought it might bless others if posted here...
  • Everything you do must be done with a love for God (1 Cor 13v1-7). Notice in verse 3 Paul claims that if someone is to be martyred without love it’s of zero use.
  • Give yourself to memorizing the Bible. Hide the Word in your heart to deter from sin (Psalm 119v11). You need to fight Satan with scripture. Therefore try to remember 4 scriptures every week. Find a method that suits you. Make sure you remember the reference as well as the content of the verse.
  • Make yourself happy in God. This means thinking about God’s beauty to motivate you to worship. You can’t glorify God without enjoying Him. Christ should be so attractive to you that everything else looks like rubbish (Phil 3v8).
  • Make sure you exhort someone and someone exhorts you. Hebrews 3v13 states that we can be hardened by sin; inviting someone to point out your own sin to can prevent this.
  • Speak about what Jesus has been doing for and in you with people in your Church. Look at the last part of Luke 6v45: If your heart is full of Jesus, if you love Him more than anything else you will have to speak about Him because He’s wonderful!
  • Revelation 2 v1-4. This church were acting outwardly in a good way but not loving God. You can be living a good moral life and be quenching the Holy Spirit. What do you desire? If the heart does not desire God, God is not pleased. Pleasing God is being pleased with Him.
  • Don’t stop seeking more of the Holy Spirit. See Eph 3v19: Paul prays this for Christians! You don’t have the fullness of the Spirit when you are first saved. Although you have the Holy Spirit you need to be constantly seeking more of the His power (Eph 5v18).

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