Thursday, 3 April 2008

NWA Excitement

New Word Alive is just around the corner. I wish I could say that about the geographical location of the event.

I actually cannot wait. Most of my Christian friends are going. Jesus well be there that's the best bit about it. As an added bonus my mates DC, JP and TV will also be preaching God willing. For anyone who isn't familiar with the code of Sussex CU I'm talking about Don Carson (preaching on 1 John), John Piper, and Terry Virgo. What a line up! I've been commissioned by HB to make up a joke featuring the three. My thinking cap is on. I've got till Monday should be enough time.

Here's ten other things I'm looking forward to concerning NWA:

1) Inevitable banter with the CU boys

2) Discussing of Romans 9 with Povey

3) Someone recording what I say when I'm asleep

4) Visiting Wales and trying to pronounce 'Pwllheli'. Then being corrected by John Price.

5) Meeting up with friends who don't live in Brighton

6) Playing Pit with Sarah

7) Being an Anglican for 5 days...(I'm going with BH)

8) Trying to get into the promotional video for NWA 09. HB and others got in the one for this year

9) Finding the answer to the question: 'I wonder if DC will preach on the part of 1 John 5v7 that doesn't appear in some modern manuscripts?'.

10) Knowing that Jesus promises to be with His followers and bless us even though we don't deserve it.

Will blog on the event on return...


Hughbo said...

We're writing some special liturgy to use while at NWA!

Simon said...

I'll conform to the liturgy but I'm not dunking any babies!