Saturday, 19 April 2008

A Catechism of Christian Hedonism

1) What is the chief purpose of God?
To glorify God.

2) How worthy is God of glory?
God is infinitely glorious therefore is worthy of infinite glory.

3) Can God exist without preferring His glory above everything else?
God by nature has to glorify Himself in all that He does being infinitely worthy of glory.

4) How does God give Himself glory?
God gives Himself glory be enjoying Himself.

5) How is God's self-enjoyment shown?
God's self-enjoyment is shown by having supreme delight in all that He is: every person and work of the trinity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

6) Does God have any interest in humanity?
Yes. He wants humans to share in the enjoyment of His glory.

7) What is the chief purpose of humanity?
To glorify God.

8) How can humans glorify God?
Humans can glorify God by enjoying Him.

9) Why should humans glorify God?
Humans should glorify God because God is the only all-satisfying being.

10) Why aren't Christians more excited about the gospel?

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