Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Living and Dying

'Let me die- lest I die- only let me see Thy face'- Augustine

Tozer comments:

'To Augustine the sight of God inwardly enjoyed was life itself and anything less than that was death. To exist in total eclipse under the shadow of nature without the realized Presence was a condition not to be tolerated. Whatever hid God's face from him must be taken out of the way, even his own self-love, his dearest ego, his most cherished treasures. So he prayed, 'Let me die'...

Our uncrucified flesh will rob us of purity of heart, Christ-likeness of character, spiritual insight, fruitfulness; and more than all, it will hide from us the vision of God's face, that vision which has been the light of earth and will be the completeness of heaven.'

-The Root of the Righteous, pg 65-66

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Angela Nowak said...

Great quotes, Simon!