Monday, 28 July 2008

Sermons that I preach to myself

  • Love sometimes means offending people people with the truth
  • Living a Holy life doesn't just consist of outward actions but inward emotions
  • The primary task of obedience is faith (Rom 1v5, 14v23, 16v26, Hebrews 11v6)
  • Don't believe that evangelism is a portion of the day. Live the life of an Evangelist.
  • Jokes about sin are sin
  • Scripture should be studied as a serious pleasure rather than a light-hearted chore
  • Real believing always produces joy and peace (Rom 15v13)
  • My closest Christian brothers and sisters will hurt me the most (Prov 27v6)
  • Don't get tired of stirring up gifts (1 Cor 14v1, Gal 6v9, 2 Tim 1v6)
  • Stop having conversations concerning small things when talking about Jesus is better (Matt 12v36, 1 Pt 4v11)
  • Your whole life is the communication of a sermon. Preaching is done through body language and emotions as well as words. Are you preaching the gospel with all that you are?
  • It's not how much you read. It's how much you digest.
  • Putting off the old man is not the same as putting on the new man-both have to be done (Col 3v5-14)
  • Pleasing God is being pleased with Him.
  • Without love you are nothing (1 Cor 13v1-3)

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