Friday, 18 January 2008

Children of a REVOLUTION

Four people, one computer, lots of Bono. Hoppers, Brien, Isle of Farley, and myself were editing the promo video for the Revolution Mission Week last night.

It started well mucho pizza, strong coffee and quaint conversation about the elusive hamster. I like being a brother around my sisters. After the social activity we decided to put our hands to the plough and walk the narrow path into Brien's not so warm room. Perched around the PC we all witnessed the amazing talent of Mary's editing skills. The biggest combat fought was the decision of the titles. Hopkins went for the scrolling Star Wars theme, to which I concluded that she was the geek I predicted.

Much fun was had. Hours passed, coffee was drunk, and the computer crashed. I felt particular awkward at various points throughout the evening when the girls thought it 'cool' to burst out in 'High School Musical' song. My wrath was propitiated by biting and grinding my teeth together. That last comment was a joke. I do actually enjoy people singing HSM especially when they close their eyes and sway frantically-Hopp's seemed to have mastered this art. I reckon she had been practising.

We all laughed at the amusing material. Kite man, the Carve's profound comment about how people in CU never see each other during the week(?!), and obviously the famous 'walking bum scene' brought much comedy.

It is now finally completed and if I can say myself looking good. God was with us, giving us Bible verses to use and generally blessing us with edifying conversation and love.

The video will be shown on Monday the 28th at CU: 7pm in The Meeting House. I'm also planning to post it on my blog, and no doubt it will be lurking around facebook and maybe even youtube.

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Anna said...

i cant wait to be famous!!!!!!(joking)