Saturday, 24 November 2007

What's in the name?

It took me a while to figure out a title and web address for my blog. I finally decided on 'The Musing Field'- this was confirmed after a text from Hugh reading 'genius'.
Field is my last name and my blog is the expression of my thoughts.

Whilst I was searching for inspiration about the web address I stumbled upon a great verse in the word...

Colossians 3v3: ' For you died and your life is hidden with Christ in God'

This just sums up the transition from being a non-Christian to being saved.

'For you died' I had to die to my old lusts. My flesh, the devil, and the world don't want this. Before I was saved I was in a relationship with these three things. But the relationship wasn't great because sin when it is fully grown brings death. And that death is eternal in Hell. That's a scary thing (Heb 10v31). As a result my passion had to change, I had to be convicted of my sin and my whole perception of life and its purpose was altered. God did this. He by His Spirit showed me my sin- that it is filthy and disgusting ...but most of all that God hated it. And If I love God then I must hate what He hates and love what He loves. This happened because God was at work in me...and I died to my old nature. God has changed my mind about all the things I used to love because now I hate them. I died to them- I want nothing to do with the old Simon because he was an enemy of God.

Now things have changed, all things have become new (2Cor 5v17). Because of the Holy Spirit's work in me I'm different and I experience and I know the God who created me. I know Him as my Father- my relationship with Him is so intimate that it can be described as 'hidden'. Nobody can truly know in fullness my emotion towards Him and His love for me. I'm secure with Him as well. My Heavenly Dad will never let me go. He has promised me a place in Heaven, a glorified body, He has sealed me with his Spirit as a deposit to assure me of this.
This is my life. 'To live is Christ and to die to gain' (Phil 1v21). All of it should be devoted to Him.

This life that is hidden with God can only be hidden through Christ because Jesus is the only mediator or middle person between God and man. He is the bridge between a Holy God and a rebellious sinner. He made that bridge by dying on the cross. He was treated like a sinner so that I could be a saint (2 Cor 5v21) and hence now my sin is removed. I'm now reconciled to God (Rom 5v10).

Amazing stuff!

'How shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation' Hebrews 2v3


Hugh said...

1. HB next to JP, nice.

2. Good verse. Good blog name/address

3. Looking forward to seeing some of those classic youtube videos posted here...
"Do you know what I think about the prosperity gospel?"
"We do what we are, we don't just do bad things, we are bad"
"I like to tell men that they need to be men!"

Anonymous said...

you spelled dieing wrong...its 'dying' (cr. see Good work though, its a little deep for unbelievers, but for the seasoned Christian it is well written. Amen, i love you brother. From Philip.

mica said...

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